University of Lahore

With increased number of students and faculty programs restricting the space available for the construction of new buildings due to space availability within the campus, The University of Lahore decided to use the existing buildings to accommodate the students and faculty within the same campus.

Basic Constraints

With more than 35,000 students and 7 campuses, The University of Lahore is the largest private sector university in Pakistan. The University is offering courses in the fields of Medicine & Dentistry, Engineering, Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences with a total of 11 faculties and 35 departments.

However, by 2017 due to increase in number of students and new courses to excel in the field of education new faculty was hired to fit the purpose.The accommodation for new faculty members was a great problem. Even with the large campus area the lodging of the faculty in a single building is a major issue.

Changing needs, combined with space availability, marked the turning point for the university to begin re-evaluating their onsite facilities. The decision was taken to look at the feasibility of a new facility over the existing School of Creative Arts Building (SOCA).


Key Solution

Number of meetings were conducted with Client and Consultants and it was construed that a traditional structure would not create the space they needed. Therefore, light weight hybrid steel building systems was proposed which can be readily available and quickly established and within the available budget.

Internally, the 60 ft clear span has been specifically designed in two sections, giving the university the versatility to use the available space of the facility at the same time for various faculty members and conferences.

Premium Engineering completed the project in 4 months and, on this his model, two different projects are in designing phase to add one or two additional stories over existing Computer Science Block and Engineering Block making and addition of 75,000 SFT additional area to accommodate the students and faculty members.

Construction was processed as follow:

  1. Erection of Pre-Engineered steel structure
  2. Erection of Cold formed secondary steel members
  3. Installation PU Panel
  4. Finishing